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Good Leaders Know How to Spread the Word to Others.

Effective community leaders and organizers share similar characteristics and traits that allow them to inspire and mobilize others towards definitive actions to improve their community.

This workshop shows you the necessary steps towards creating a distinct identity for your community partnership. Learn how to attract and engage supporters using the power of brand recognition.

Topics include:

  • How to Develop a Strong (and Positive) Identity
  • How to Create the Right Message for Your Audience
  • How Do I Build My Brand?
  • Who is the Right Storyteller for Your Brand?
  • How Do I Shape What Others See & Hear?

This workshop is part of our Fundamentals of Community Leadership series. It is open to all adults; with an emphasis on individuals -- local residents, professionals, and community advocates interested in making a difference.  


Queens Public Library presents a 5-part civic engagement series to enhance your leadership, planning and communication skills; improve how you work with others; and transform you into a strong community advocate.

Sessions include (click to open):