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Ready & Aim: A Strategic Approach to Address Community Problems (VIDEO)

Good Leaders Don't Guess..They Know!

Effective community leaders and organizers share similar characteristics and traits that allow them to inspire and mobilize others towards definitive actions to improve their community.

This 90-minute presentation details how you can analyze community problems to better understand why they happen in your neighborhood; determine how others perceive the problems (and what to do about it!); and identify short and long-term strategies proven to get to the root of the issue.

Topics include:


  • How Do I Improve the Community and Not Just One Person?
  • Understanding Strategies vs. Programs or Services
  • Why  Isn't  Everyone Using a Strategic Approach?
  • Why Are Some Community Problems Aren't Considered Important to the Community?
  • How Do I Develop and Plan of Action?


This is part of our Fundamentals of Community Leadership series.  It is ideal for individuals -- local residents, professionals, and community advocates interested in making a difference.  


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