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Friends of Queens Public Library

The Friends of Queens Public Library are a network of passionate, informed, and caring individuals that support the library’s mission to cultivate personal and intellectual growth and build strong communities; by conveying to others the impact and importance of public libraries. 

Friends of the Library respond to calls-to-action year-round and are prepared to engage in various activities and initiatives that highlight the importance and value of the Queens Public Library in the lives of the individuals and communities it serves.

Additionally, the Queens Public Library organizes a select group of Neighborhood Chapters that collaborate closely with particular branches to generate ideas, organize events, and enhance community resident involvement through outreach, fundraising, and advocacy. For three decades, Friends chapters have provided the library with a means to engage with the community, encouraging them to participate in shaping and promoting the programs and services offered throughout the neighborhood. Presently, the enduring legacy of these chapters is maintained by the remaining groups, whose achievements stand as a testament to the power of collective effort.