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Who are the Friends of QPL?

The Friends of QPL groups attract a wide audience of adults, professionals, and retirees to serve as volunteers. Our volunteers share a passion and love for the library and strive to convey the Library’s importance throughout the community.

To become an ambassador for the library, you must satify the Membership Criteria:

  • Must be 21 and older

  • Able to attend at least five (5) meetings per year

  • Participate in a minimum of three (3) activities per year including outreach events, advocacy campaigns, and fundraising/membership drives.

  • Complete a profile application

  • Participate in annual volunteer survey

How to Join the Friends of QPL

Joining a Friends of QPL group is easy. Those interested in learning more about the groups should complete the following steps:

  1. Speak with Volunteer Services or Attend an Information Session.  You are encouraged to attend an upcoming Information Session or contact the Office of Volunteer Services and speak with a team member about joining an existing Friends group.  We can provide detailed information about the purpose, activities and past accomplishments of the Friends; share the benefits of becoming a Friends volunteer; and answer general questions.
  2. Complete the Membership Profile.  After speaking with us, you are required to complete a Membership Profile.  The profile gathers pertinent information to offer greater insights regarding your motivations to join as well as identifying personal/ professional skills and experience that can support the Friends.
  3. Submit the Membership Donation.  You are required to submit an annual minimum donation of $25.00 with proceeds going to support the chapter.  
  4. Receive a Welcome Kit.  New Friends receive an official Friends Welcome Kit.  The kit contains valuable info and resources to help guide you through a smooth transition into the Friends network and connect you other volunteers that share a love for the library.