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Friends of QPL: What We Do

The Friends of Queens Public Library are responsible for amplifying the vision and mission of the institution; and inform others about the programming, services, and resources available to the public.

Popular Activities include:

  • Fundraising.  Fundraising is the primary source of revenue to obtain monetary and/ or in-kind support to benefit either the location or institution. Friends groups are encouraged to establish annual fundraising goals; organize small fundraising events; and enlist support through local and personal networks.
    • Read-a-thons
    • Book Sales
    • Community Bazaars
    • Sponsor-a-Snowflake
  • Library Advocacy Day.  Each February, Queens Public Library organizes a day trip to Albany to participate in New York Library Association (NYLA) Advocacy Day. The Friends of QPL groups play a vital role in sharing their personal stories and experiences about how the Library impacts the lives of its community members and why their library needs stable funding; the day provides the opportunity to speak directly with legislators about making libraries a funding priority.
  • Outreach Drives.  The Friends of QPL groups serve as a reliable conduit to help inform local residents about current resources available through Queens Public Library. Friends are encouraged to tap into their personal networks of individuals, organizations, and businesses to share information, gather feedback, and mobilize support of Library initiatives, priorities, and campaigns during the year.
  • Program Sponsorship.  Groups identify specific topics to sponsor general programs targeting a specific age group or audience or select a rotating theme such as History, Health, and Technology. They may also assist with identifying and securing presenters or provide additional materials, activities, and resources to augment programs.
  • Promote Library Programming.  The power of the Friends of QPL is in the ability to reach people beyond the walls of the library building and share information about what’s happening inside. Members should actively help keep the neighborhood informed of recent library news. Share with your personal networks of neighbors, co-workers, friends and family through social media, email, and word-of-mouth.
  • QPL Community Engagement Campaigns.  Throughout the year, Queens Public Library supports local and citywide campaigns to inform the public about relevant issues that may impact their everyday lives. Friends groups may participate in tabling events talking to members of the public and distributing flyers, giveaways, and answering general questions. Campaigns have included: 2020 Census, COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Awareness, and NYC Voter Registration.

Common Messages