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Service Learning at QPL

Teens between 13 and 19 years old can participate in Service-Learning projects during the school year and summer months.   

What is Service Learning?  A service-learning opportunity focuses to teaching young people about specific topics while preparing them to "turnkey" the information and teach others in a variety of ways.

Example of How Service Learning Works
The World of Work for Teens educates participants about career readiness and the skills and characteristics needed to future success.  Using this knowledge, participants organize and conduct a Peer-to-Peer mock-interview session to help strengthen the job preparation skills of other teens.


What are the benefits of Service Learning?  Teens attending service learning programs earn community service credit and develop valuable personal and professional skills and build increased knowledge in areas such as:

  • Public Speaking and Group Facilitation
  • Event Planning
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Team-building

... and much more!


Current programs include