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  • Helping Everyone Cope with Stress


    Queens Public Library understands dealing with the current environment amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak can be stressful for many people.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has provided an extensive list of recommendations to assist individuals and families cope with the situation.

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  • Navigating the Hidden Costs of College: Finding Community Service Scholarships & More!

    Teens (and parents) are welcome to join us on April 23rd for a workshop offering useful information on the hidden costs of college life--from meal plans and laundry, to student club fees and "free giveaways".  Hear about community service scholarships, internships and other useful tips to save money before and during your time on campus.

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  • 5 Useful Tips for Adding Unpaid Work to Your Resume

    The path towards building professional skills can involve more than possessing a paid job.  Employers value individuals able to demonstrate relevant experience and skills to accomplish the job regardless of whether you were paid for your time.  

    Learn how adding your volunteer or community service to a resume can help demonstrate your growing set of profrssional skills.

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